Foodie Friday – The Real Paleo Diet

Want to follow the Paleo diet? It’s not what you think. The cost conscious cook has a theme song:  it’s Pete Seeger’s Turn, Turn Turn. To everything, there is a ...

boomerang household tips

How To Stay Sane When Dealing With Boomerang Graduates

Millions of parents will soon find their homes a bit busier as their children graduate from college and graduate school without meaningful employment. The economy, the pundits say, is improving. ...

How To Get Our Best Work Without Visiting Our Sites

Here at Consumer Ledger we do our best to inform, entertain, and clarify. And we’re all about simplicity. That’s why we offer you the option of getting our articles sent ...


5 Ways To Get More From Your Food Dollar

Sharpen up your dollar stretching skills before you head off to the ...
watch out for business mistakes

How Not To Succeed in Business, Even If You Try

Everyone tells you what to do to succeed;  I think you also ...

Foodie Friday – How To Beat Back The Delivery Demons

Ordering out (or getting delivery) is killing your finances. How do we ...

Beware These 3 Villains Of Tax Preparation

Need help doing your tax return? If you said “yes”, you’re in ...
bag lady cart

Friday Foodie – Bag Lady Broth

Bag Lady Broth is my favorite recipe for spending less and wasting less ...

How To Avoid The Hidden Danger Of Being Self-Employed

If you’re self-employed or working a side job for extra cash, there’s ...

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pay off federal student loans

Why It’s A Terrible Idea To Pay Off Your Federal Student Loans

By the time I graduated from law school I was saddled with a significant amount of federal student loan debt. As we packed up to go home after graduation, my friends all sat around the kitchen table in my house to talk about their long-term careers goals. Each of them proclaimed that they’d work to [...]

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reduce funeral costs

8 Easy Ways To Reduce Funeral Costs

When a loved one dies, you can send them off without breaking the bank. Recently I met with a couple to talk about their debt problems, and was surprised when they told me that all of their financial problems stemmed from funeral costs for a loved one. They hadn’t gone all out with the burial [...]

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